Connect Every Acre

In 2015, Governor Terry Branstad signed the “Connect Every Acre” high-speed broadband bill to encourage the expansion of high-speed broadband internet to all corners of the state. The problem with similar initiatives in the past had been results. State and local governments have invested billions of dollars into rural broadband without delivering the service that Iowans deserve, while mobile carriers have largely avoided rural areas due to the cost of constructing new towers.

But ACREBroadband is determined to make it work.

Rather than relying on the patchwork of existing towers for service, ACREBroadband’s revolutionary network infrastructure can comprehensively cover each of the 99 counties in the state of Iowa. Our broadband platform will increase access for rural communities and school districts, and give small businesses the ability to connect to the global marketplace. That’s connecting every acre.

Why It Matters

Iowans have been denied access to a basic standard of broadband internet. There’s no reason a city of 2,500 shouldn’t have access to the same internet as a city of 250,000. Internet is no longer a luxury. When it comes to a service that is integral to our day-to-day lives and livelihoods, it’s imperative that every family and every business is afforded the same opportunity.

Even the homes and businesses with reliable service suffer from a lack of competitive options. ACREBroadband is a choice. Too often, cable companies and service providers take advantage of being the only option and compromise on everything from download speeds to customer service.

ACREBroadband will bring Iowa up to speed. We’re going to improve upon the infrastructure and services currently available, and also establish new standards of service to put rural areas on a truly level playing field with urban areas.

The growth of our communities is dependent on connectivity. That’s why ACREBroadband is innovating rural America.