The grassroots movement to bring big city service to small towns.

The digital divide between rural and urban areas continues to stunt the economic development and viability of the communities we call home. For the members of our communities – from the family of three to the small town business owner to the soybean farmer – bridging the digital divide is paramount.

Existing network infrastructure is fundamentally flawed. It’s focused on highways and cities, not fields and farmyards. Yet, none of the major mobile carriers or service providers are interested in fixing the patchwork coverage and limited data speeds. So, we did.

ACREBroadband architected a rural-engineered broadband platform that relies on a dense constellation of pylons across the entire state of Iowa.

This revolutionary infrastructure enables mobile and fixed connectivity, precise geo-location and high-res environmental measurement. Beyond delivering big city service to families in small towns, our broadband platform also supports the connectivity needed for agriculture (AgTech) and infrastructural (DOT, education, utility, economic development) tools and applications.

Growth on the horizon for ACREBroadband.

Rural and agricultural connectivity is a worldwide challenge. ACREBroadband will initially implement our revolutionary network in Iowa, but the need for reliable high-speed internet exists throughout the United States, and beyond.

In the Agricultural Belt alone, there are 83 million people and 31 million households, representing a full market revenue opportunity over $21 billion per year.

Once implemented, the pylons that comprise our network become vertical assets that can adapted in perpetuity with an infinite number of potential revenue streams as technology continues to evolve.

ACREBroadband is already discussing the deployment of our architecture with organizations in Minnesota, Tennessee, Georgia, the European Union, United Kingdom, India and Sub-Saharan Africa.

ACREBroadband is an investment opportunity for qualified investors only. If you’re interested in joining our grassroots movement, contact us via the form below.