ACREConnect is big city service with the extra boost that rural businesses need to compete on the global marketplace and connect with customers everywhere. Each ACREConnect package is designed to address the unique challenges facing your business. Because you can’t afford to deal with service disruptions.

ACREConnect utilizes our statewide network to connect locations and users like never before. Its capabilities include cloud-based solutions, high capacity links and synchronous connectivity. The result? Efficient, cost-effective communications to help rural businesses compete at every level.

ACREConnect packages include: 50Mbps, 100Mbps and beyond.

Beat the competition with custom communications

Beat the Competition with Custom Communications

Traditional packages simply can’t meet the broadband needs of modern businesses. That’s why custom communications are tailored for every business on ACREConnect.

There is no business too big or too small for custom communications through ACREConnect. We can connect multiple buildings and locations on one network, enabling a farm with multiple sites at outlying locations to communicate on a single, secure network.

Take advantage of connectivity anywhere on the ACREBroadband network. As technology initiatives in schools become increasingly integral to the education experience, it will be vital for students to remain connected outside of school. With ACREConnect, students can continue using their devices anywhere on our statewide network.

Service in Every County, Town and Acre

ACREBroadband is bringing Iowa up to speed. We’re connecting every acre with a statewide grid that will eventually cover each of Iowa’s 99 counties. If we aren’t there yet, we will be soon.

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