The agricultural producers of America have been neglected by internet service providers for far too long. Technology is transforming agriculture and the data-driven future of farming is right around the corner. If Iowa farmers are going to continue feeding the world, they’ll need to be connected.

ACREAg is a multifaceted service package that’s specifically designed for those farmers. ACREAg includes ACRERTK and ACREWeather.


ACRERTK is a Real Time Kinematic satellite navigation service that provides real time positioning at the sub-inch level. RTK is an absolute necessity for precision agriculture, surveying and many other applications.

With 100% coverage supported by our statewide network, ACRERTK delivers greater accuracy and rapid convergence. Each one of our thousands of pylons across the state of Iowa will include reporting nodes that augment GPS signals for further accuracy. For comparison, the Iowa Real-Time Network currently boasts 98 reporting nodes.

ACRERTK data is immediately and continuously available no matter where you are, so you’ll be truly connected on every acre.

farmer checking the weather on a tablet


Ag producers won’t have to rely on Doppler radar and the sporadic sampling from volunteer weather stations for weather conditions. ACREWeather provides precise information about precipitation, wind, temperature, sunlight and subsoil measurements at each of the thousands of pylons across the state of Iowa.



Coming Soon

ACREAg isn’t available yet. But we’ll be coming to your county soon.

As we rollout our revolutionary rural-engineered broadband platform, we’re staggering our service offerings. That way we can help people as soon as possible while still ensuring that our services exceed the expectations of our customers.

We can’t wait to connect every acre.